Sublime Craft

(A Social Enterprise Initiative from Sublime Tour & Travels)

Sublime Craft is a fair-trade online market place where the collection of artifacts produced by local artisans of India: particularly from Odisha with timeless and contemporary aesthetics, bringing people and cultures closer together. Our collection of handicrafts are made out of natural and recycled material that are sourced in a socially and environmentally responsible manner without altering the ages old Techniques being used by the artisans. In the same time we are creating economic and sustainable living opportunities for the artisans through vocational programs, literacy programs, cleanliness programs for the marginalized artisans of India.

What & How We Do
  • Partner with artisans community across India
  • Over 50% of our artisans are from scheduled tribe nomadic groups from Odisha and neighboring states.
  • Artisans are get paid more than 20% over market wages.
  • 30% of our revenue generated from this initiative will go back to the society as re-investment.
  • Promoting tourism through unique experiences to tourists.
  • Use of environmentally sustainable material and process.
  • Encouraging their traditional handmade artifacts and generating demand for their crafts.
  • Creating platforms for a optimum fusion of traditional and contemporary artistic experiments.
  • Exploring new markets for Local artist communities.

The Story behind Dhokra Art:

Dhokra is an ancient technique to produce beautiful non-ferrous motifs and figurines. Dhokra is an alloy of nickel, brass and zinc. When these three are mixed in the appropriate proportion it gives an antique look and augments well with the interiors. The motifs that are mostly used for Dhokra are inspired by folk culture.  This forkart is only restricted in few places of India. Besides Odisha it is also found in Madhya Pradesh, West Bengal and Bihar. Sithulias who were a nomadic tribe (an aboriginal caste) practice this craft. Other tribes like Ghaniaram, Thatarian and Gharien also practice Dhokra metal cast.

Sublime craft is dedicated towards the cause of holistic development of the Dhokra community in Odisha by providing them a fair-trade platform, better living standards through socio-economic development. We are working with 20~30 marginalized artisan families in their ecosystem for a better tomorrow and sustainability of the future of this beautiful art. All our Dhokra motifs and figurines are unique, contemporary and aesthetic. The artifacts are collected/made by art enthusiasts and intellectuals through eye of expertise.

Sublime CSR Activities:

Being a responsible organization, we are committed to the welfare of communities with whom we are working with and hence we are giving back a portion of our profit back to the community and promote the work of their art through via tourism in world platform. 

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