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Odisha cuisines are well known for its spiritual tradition, culture & temples. Its Recipes largely influenced by Lord Jagannath, it is believed that origin of every cuisine of Odisha connecting to Shree Jagannath & its rituals. In compared to the food of other states of India, Odia food uses less oil and is less spicy while nonetheless remaining flavourful. Being the coastal state the natural food preferences reflects in their food habits. The majority of Odia population preferred fish & other Sea food items like prawns, crabs & lobsters. The majority of Odia population prefer fish & other Sea food items like prawns, crabs & lobsters. People of Odisha are very fond for curd, coconut water & lime water. Odisha is mostly famous for Pithas and desserts. Odisha has many festivals & each festival is associates with certain type of Pithas (cake). The most delicious desserts & cakes are Rasogalla, Chhena poda, Manda Pitha, Kaakara Pitha etc. Culinary Tour of Odisha Itinerary: The cuisine tour of Odisha: is all about the enjoyment of Odia foods, culture, sights and doing some fun activities without any compromise.

In this tour guests learn how to cook Odia dishes in less possible time with easily available ingredients without compromising on taste and quality. According to the guest’s preference the tour can be designed. In this tour guests can stay with the proper Odia families like a family member & can gain knowledge about the culture of Odisha and the story behind the every Odia dishes. Guests can also go for the food walks to enjoy the street foods of Odisha. And also can go to the dhabas and restaurants to learn the special Odia recipes and their authentic cooking process. Odisha is mostly famous for its festivals and the traditional dishes made to celebrate the festivals. Most of the Odia dishes are typical grandma’s recipes; it passes from generation to generation. So if a guest comes at the time of any festival he would know about the real flavors of Odisha’s tradition, history and its cuisines.

For more details:

Food Tour of Odisha: 12 days

Holistic Homestay & Cuisine Tour to Odisha 12 days

Places Covered: Bhubaneswar- Lingaraj Temple- Konark Sun Temple- Dhauli- Puri- Chilika Lake- Raghurajpur Village- Mangalazodi Wetland – AUL Royal Palace – Bhitarakanika National Park – Belgadia Royal Palace- Community Tourism Bhubaneswar

Overview: Start your holistic tour with the visit of temples in Bhubaneswar. Staying with Local host, Sharing their Experiences, culture, food and stories. Interact with local people who are involved in different type’s art & craft making. You can buy different type Textiles, art and crafts from the villagers; it will give them sustainable benefits to the villagers. Visit to the Birds Paradise Mangalazodi village. Travel to isolated Wildlife region of Odisha; experience the beauty of the Eastern Cost of Odisha & its landscape, Each day is designed to fill your insight in a holistic way with interaction with locals and their livelihood.

  • Heritage walk in Puri and Bhubaneswar
  • Temple Prasad ( Traditional food cooked in Ghee and all natural recipes
  • Food Walk & Cooking classes in Odisha
  • Sharing space with Local host
  • Temple of Odisha with background story and Mythology
  • Community Tourism at Mangalazodi and Raghurajpur Village
  • Interaction with different communities
  • Visit to the Wildlife Parks
  • Art & Handicraft villages Walk
  • Unesco Heritage site of Konark Sun Temple
  • Community tourism at Satkosia
  • Chilika ‘ The Bird Paradise’: A Responsible Way of Travel

Best Time to Visit:
Mid October to March Months to avoid: April and July (Due to summer and Monsoon Season)

Detailed Itinerary

Day 01: Bhubaneswar

Arrival at Bhubaneswar Airport, meet and greet then transfer to hotel. Second Half visit to Kalaboomi Craft Museum (Contemporary Museum), Khandagiri Udayagiri Caves, Tribal Museum at Bhubaneswar. Overnight at Bhubaneswar.

Highlights: Museum Walk Art & Handcraft Caves & Heritage
Hotel: Sublime Homestay ( Max 3 Rooms) / Similar
Meal Plan: MAPAI
Total Km: 40
Sightseeing Time: 3 hours

Day 02: Bhubaneswar

After breakfast, 8:30 AM Proceeds for Old town Heritage Walk: Lingaraj Temple ( 11th Century), Parshurameswar Temple ( 7th Century) & Mukteswar Temple (9th Century) enroute Bindu Sagar Lake. Then visit Rajarani Temple (11th Century) lunch Temple Kitchen of Ananta Vasudeva & refreshment. Second half 4:30 visit to some of the Food streets of Bhubaneswar.

First Half Sightseeing: 3 hours
Second Half Sightseeing: 3 Hours
Hotel: Sublime Homestay (Max 3 rooms) / Similar
Meal Plan: MAPAI
Total Km: 80
Total Sightseeing Time: 6 hours

Day 03: Bhubaneswar – Unesco Heritage Konark Sun Temple - Puri

After breakfast, chk out and drive to Dhauli (Ashoka King Stone Encrypt, Santi Stupa, (Place where Great Kalinga was fought between King Ashoka and Kalinga), Pipili (Appliqué work village) local market & Konark Sun Temple, then visit Chandrabhaga Sea Beach and visit Puri. Overnight at Puri.

Hotel: Puri Homestay ( Max 4 rooms) / Similar
Meal Plan: MAPAI
Total Km: 120
Driving time:
Sightseeing Time: 4 hours

  • All accommodation with typical organic food (prepared by host with Village aroma)
  • Catamaran boating on river Bhargavi-2 hr (for two hour boating with boatman maximum allow 10 pax per trip)
  • Village Cooking Classes
  • Classical Group dance (Gotipua) during stay in our guest house 45 min/ with traditional costume and classic musical instrument
  • Classic musical night
  • By cycle tour -2hr in the very isolated villages along with river side and nice weekly markets (guided by our local man)
  • Hiking inside very cheerful villages near by such Brahmin village, coconut picker village, traditional artisan village, farmer village etc
  • Full body herbal oil massage by village royal barber ( Only for Male Guests)

Day 04: Puri – Jagannath Temple - Raghurajpur Heritage Village- Chilika Lake – Puri

After breakfast, Darshan at Jagannath Temple ( 2 hours) then visit Raghurajpur Heritage Village (Painting village for two hours). On the way also enjoy the Chita--paintings on the walls of the houses. Situated amidst groves of coconut, palm, mango and jack fruit, the main village has two streets with over 120 houses, most decorated with mural paintings, where the painters reside and practice their Pattachitra craft, besides many others that practices throughout the village, including traditional masks, stone idols, paper Mache, sculptures, and wooden toys. And also visitor witness Gotipua dance, is a traditional Folk dance form in the state of Odisha, the precursor of Odissi classical dance. It has been performed in Odisha for centuries by young boys, who dress as young girl to praise Jagannath and Krishna. The dance is executed by a group of boys who perform acrobatic figures inspired by the life of Radha and Krishna. And this performance is a life time experience for visitors. 12: 30 pm return back to hotel.

After lunch get ready to Visit Chilika Lake: Asia’s largest estuarine water lagoon covers an area of 1100 sq Km with combination of salt and fresh water. The lake is separated from the Bay of Bengal by a narrow sandy ridge, called Ramsar Wetland. For it biodiversity, this lake attracts millions migratory bird in winter. It also home to a diverse range of aquatic life, including 225 species of fish and the playful Irrawaddy Dolphin. Boating to Mouth Of Chilika Lake: the point where see meets the lake, visit to Rajhans Island. Later enjoying your whole day returns back to Puri.

Evening guided trail to the priest village of Jagannth Temple, walk around the temple, the narrow lane of priest village, experience the life around temple, capture the lifetime frame of spirituality, Cycle Rickshaw experience at Rath Road to get the flavor of Local market. Infinite variety of local food to cherish. Highlights: Visiting Craft Village Puri Temple Visit Temple Prasad ( Pure Organic food serve with earthen Pot & Banana Leafs) Cooking class at Village Live Folk Dance Village Cooking interaction with host Puri. Overnight at Puri.

Hotel: Puri Homestay (Max 4 rooms) / Similar
Meal Plan: MAPAI
Total Km: 130
Driving time: 4 hour
Sightseeing Time: 6 hours
Special Attractions: Local Food Food Recipes Gotipua Folk Dance at Raghurajpur, Artist Interactions, Dolphin Safari at Chilika lake Breakfast at boat.

Day 05: Puri – Mangalazodi Village Community Tourism

After breakfast, chk out and transfer to Mangalazodi Wetland famous for responsible and community tourism for two hours. After reaching start your journey through the wetlands of Mangalazodi on an indigenous boat, thousands of birds both resident and migratory in all their beauties and splendor. Your local village leader will give you all inputs you need on the birds of Mangalajodi. Experience with the villagers of Mangalazodi; learn the basics of how to build a small fishing boat, stitching fishing net or bamboo basket making. You can also try your hands at pottery. On choice one can also visit ancient historical temples. Overnight at Mangalazodi Village.

Hotel: Mangalazodi Community Resort ( Non A/c) / Similar
Meal Plan: MAPAI
Total Km: 150
Driving time: 4 hours
Special Attractions: Community Tourism, Rural Food Preparation,  Visiting Village Kitchen and many more offbeat local experiences.

Day 06: Mangalazodi Village Early morning expedition to wetland of Mangalazodi (2 hours), if you like we can have extended wetland visit with additional fee. Second half at leisure or trek to nearby forest. Overnight at Mangalazodi Village.

Hotel: Mangalazodi Village Resort
Meal Plan: Stay & APAI

Day 07: Mangalazodi – Bhuddhist Site of Ratnagiri – AUL Royal Palace

After breakfast check out from hotel and depart for Ratnagiri (Diamond Triangle). Half day Excursion to Ratnagiri (Archeological site of a Buddhist Monastery from 4th to 8th Century AD) with Monastery parts and many votive Stupa, all different Buddhist sculptors with Chaita hall and a Huge stupa from where caskets of Budha's relic is available. Second Half Transfer to AUL Royal Palace. (Total 280 km)

Hotel: AUL Royal Palace / Similar
Meal Plan: Stay and Breakfast & Dinner
Special Attractions: Royal Cook Recipes / Royal Food AUL Palace, Kayaking, Buddhist Tourism

Killa Aul Palace: Know Your Host

The Killa Aul Palace established by Raja Ram Chandra Deb in 1590 AD at the bank of river Khrasrota a tributary of River Bramhani. It bears the stories of Odisha during Afgan, Mughol, Marahatta and British Rule. This palace is now the residence of present king Braja Keshari Deb; His ancestors are belonged to the last independent king Gajapati Mukunda Deva of Khurda. His royal family has 426 years of history, which carries the royal stories of Odisha. Killa Aul Palace Know Your Host Know Your Homestay The palace has a stunning location right next to the river and it was wonderful to watch the sunsets there. Aul Palace architecture and its structure is a blend of old medieval art with “Garh”, Deoris, courtyards and colonial design with rooms which has present day amenities. The Palace has 7 beautiful rooms (4 Double AC Rooms, 2 Double Non AC Rooms and 1 Single Non AC Room) with bathrooms, the old Darbar, Temple and Courtyards. There were cows grazing on sandy islands, fishing boats and water birds right outside the terrace. The river encircles and touches the palace walls from its west and north sides giving it a look of a river side fort.

Day 08: AUL Palace - Bhitarakanika Island – AUL Palace( 45 km + Water ways)

After Breakfast ready to explore the land of crocodiles in their own Mangrove habitat. Half day boat safari to Mangrove forest, enjoy the serpentine creeks, and watch out for birds, particularly different varieties of Kingfisher. Keep looking for estuarine crocodiles basking in the sun. Also visit Bagagahan Bird Sanctuary, climb to watch tower, look for Pelican & different varieties of Storks. Visit Crocodile museum at Dangamal. Over night at AUL Palace.

Hotel: AUL Royal Palace / Similar
Meal Plan: Breakfast Lunch & dinner
Special Interests: Full day Mangrove Safari, Royal Cooking Class, Birding, Nature trails at Bhitarakanika, Royal Food Tour AUL Heritage Palace.

Day 09: Bhitarakanika National Park - Belgadia Palace

Morning transfer to another beautiful Heritage Home Palace called Belgadia Palace built in 18th Century brick built double story building in a classical western style. The Palace is home to Royal family of Mayurbhanj, Odisha. It will take 5 hours journey to reach at Belgadia Palace. Overnight stay at Belgadia palace.

Hotel: Belgadia Royal Palace / Similar
Meal Plan: Breakfast & dinner
Special Interests: Balasore Street Food, Baripada Food Tour, Local Morten at Baripada with Fuffed Rice, Royal Cooking Class, Royal Food Tour Belgadia Heritage Palace.

Day 10: Belgadia Royal Palace
The Belgadia Palace is very near to Shimilipal National park, Visitors have so many activities to explore with this palace. The major activities are includes: 

  • Royal Cuisine of Mayurbhanj with Street Food of Baripada
  • Tribal Tourism- Visiting tribal villages & make art with them like Dhokra Brass metal work
  • Chhau Dance: Martial Art Dance form, for visitors we can organize the Chhau dance.
  • Black Stone Carving Temple: Kiching Temple
  • Similipal National Park: Willife & nature Tourism with Waterfalls & Dense Forest
  • Colonial Heritage Tourism with Belgadia Palace

Hotel: Belgadia Royal Palace / Similar
Meal Plan: Breakfast & dinner
Special Interests:  Local Morten at Baripada with Fuffed Rice, Royal Cooking Class, Royal Food Tour Belgadia Heritage Palace.

Day 11 : Belgadia Palace- Bhubaneswar

After breakfast transfer to Bhubaneswar, enroute visit Maritime Museum at Cuttack. Being one of the oldest city of Odisha, visitors will be exposed to infinite number of Street food in Cuttack. overnight stay at Bhubaneswar.

Hotel: Taj Vivanta/ Similar
Meal Plan: MAPAI
Total Km: 300
Sightseeing Time: 3 hours
Special Interests: Cuttack Street Food

Day 12: Bhubaneswar- Departure
After breakfast transfer to the Bhubaneswar Airport for onwards journey.

Tour Includes:
  • Pax: 2 - 10
  • Bhubaneswar - 3 nights
  • Puri – 2 nights
  • Mangalazodi Village - 2 nights
  • AUL Palace: 2 nights
  • Belgadia Royal Palace: 2 nights
  • Room: DBL or Twin Sharing basis
  • Few hours Water Boat at Mangalazodi Wetland ( Hand boat with Life Jacket)
  • Village leader at Mangalazodi Community tourism
  • Village Leader at Raghurajpur Heritage Village
  • Gotipua Folk Dance at Raghurajpur with Natural refreshments
  • Boat safari at Bhitarakanika National Park
  • Forest Safari at Shimilipal National Park
  • Entry fees at all sights ( Including ASI Sights for Indians)
  • All sightseeing as per itinerary
  • All major road transport by A/c Vehicle
  • All parking, road tax etc
  • Driver allowances
  • All cooking Classes as per program
  • Food Expert as Escort for 12 days

  • GST- 5%
  • Flight and train tickets
  • Any personal expenses which is not mention in itinerary will carry additional cost
  • Personal services in hotel like Body Massage, Ayurveda Therapy etc
  • Travel Insurance

  • Due to Covid–19 this price may change. So before confirm any tour kindly confirm the price from us.
  • This price is not valid during New Year, Christmas & any local Major Festival.
  • All Inclusion & Exclusions are as per Itinerary
  • All prices are net price, no commission included.
  • 5 % of profit from this tour will goes to community development of Tribal villages.
  • Package can be redesign according to the wish of our esteem visitors and partners.
  • Rooms are not blocked, in case of unavailability; we will book in alternate hotels.
  • Price may Change with change of Our Vendor agreement.
  • We believe in Good Authenticate Services
  • 100 % payment to be deposited before arrival of Visitors.
  • Cancellation fee as per our website, kindly refer to our cancel policy.
  • Being the Responsible Tour Operator of Odisha, we will dedicate 5% of our profit to Sustainable development initiatives.
  • For cancel this tour kindly go through our cancellation policy. Click on the below link:

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