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Khandadhar Eco Tourism / Western Odisha Camping: Sundargarh Odisha

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How to Reach:

Location: Sundargarh, Odisha

Nearest Airport: Jharsuguda ( JRG)

Distance From Airport: 158 Km

Nearest Railway Station: Raurkela ( 68 Km)

The Khandadhar Waterfall is located at Sundargarh district in the Indian state of Odisha. It is the 12th highest waterfall in India. It is not only visually appealing but also has a piece of history and legend attached to it. The Pauri Bhuiya tribes inhabit the area around the waterfall, and they have a legend associated with it. It is an enchanting sword shaped waterfall that drops on the ground from a height of 244 m. The waterfall resembles a sharp sword, hence it has been named Khandadhar. ‘Khanda’ means sword, and ‘Dhara’ means the flow of water. The magnificence of the waterfall is accentuated by the lush green scenic forest, making for an awe inspiring sight. 638 steps are with retaining wall from foot hill up to the water fall are made to reach the top. 

Khandadhar Nature Camp: 

  • It has 10 luxurious rooms for visitors to stay in the night. ( 6 A/c Cottage & 4 A/c Eco Cottage)

  • 6 on a hillock facing towards the Khandadhar waterfall and 4 inside the Eco Park. 

  • Around 40 tribal people are engaged in maintenance work inside the nature camp. 

  • This total nature camp is plastic free zone 

  • The accommodations have all the modern facilities and designed in a unique style. 

  • The view from nature camp is so wonderful. 

  • Organic & delicious veg and non-veg foods are served to the guests. 

  • The Children also get to enjoy their part of fun in the Children’s park. 


  • Room – 10 (A/C) 

  • Dining hall 

  • Toilet & Bathroom 

  • Parking Place 

  • Sports 

  • Cycling

  • Bonfire

  • Trekking

  • Children’s park 

  • Organic Odia Food 

Things to do: 

  • Mountain trekking 

  • Forest Trekking 

  • Interaction with tribal people 

  • Birding 

  • Nature Photography 

  • Star Gazing 

  • Visit to nearby places 

  • Bonfire 


  • Responsible Tourism 

  • Sustainable Tourism 

  • Village Tourism 

  • Rural Tourism 

  • Countryside Tourism 

  • Offbeat Tourism 

  • Vocal For Local Tourism

  • Agri Tourism 

  • Community Tourism 

  • Experience Tours 

  • Engage With Local 

  • Communities Nature Tours 


DBL Occupancy: 

A/c Cottage: Rs 4952

A/c Eco Cottage: Rs 3714

Extra Person: 1200

Inclusion: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

Driver Stay and Food: Rs 750 to be paid at resort

For booking Khandadhar Nature camp:  please call at 9777784335 or mail us [email protected]

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